Reflections in Art..

"In The Creative Throes of
a Reality Apart..

Imagination is more important
than knowledge.
Albert Einstein.

"The art of true art is, the glory of expression and the illumination of the subject in its simplicity."

Walt Whitman

The intent of it artistic expression is not only to intentionally communicate a message through art but also to give a spontaneous idea of the feelings from my soul, in the style of the most simplistic expresion.The more close to a
naif artistic expression.

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The Walk

The Walk
 Acrilyc On paper

"I am alone in a strange city and know no one,
nor do I understand the tongue they speak.
But someone shines suddenly, in the midst of the multitude,
like the sudden flash of a word lost in the page or
or a pasture hidden in the bosom of the earth.
Eduardo Galeano, "Ventana sobre la ciudad (II)"


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